Case Prince

A highly creative Software Engineer with 20+ years experience delivering award-winning websites and apps. Passionate about high quality software, pixel-perfect design, and polished user experiences. Thrives on finding innovative solutions to interesting challenges. Never stops learning.


Emerson CollegeB.A. in New Media, 2003

Mass College of Art3 SIM (Studio for Interrelated Media) Courses on Electronic, Interactive & Online Art

University of New HampshireWoodworking, Eastern Philosophy, Astronomy, Italian


GrabCAD / Stratasys

GrabCAD Print is the primary user interface for all Stratasys 3D printers; FDM & PolyJet. It handles print preparation & slicing locally, and enables remote job scheduling, management, and reporting tools for networked printers. It's built on Electron + React + TypeScript, with a plugin-based/dependency-injected architecture, and is auto-updated on a monthly release cycle.

Refactored & centralized all form & input components, including a feature-rich W3C-compliant localized numeric input. Documented components & design patterns in a living styleguide. Introduced JSX to the codebase.
Added, refined, & enhanced numerous core features to improve UI/UX, maintainability, and introduce new features. (Project Panel, Main Toolbar, Printer List, Preferences Modal, Drag-n-Drop files, Auto-Update, etc.)
Improved unit, integration, and diagnostic test quality, coverage, and tooling.
Spearheaded automation of "the boring stuff": Scripted 3rd party Localization files auto-integrity-checking & PR-generation. Scripted integration to tag Jira tickets with SemVer "fixed by" version for QA paper-trail. Automated previously manual/tedious/error-prone release, build, sign, and deploy process for the desktop app to the point where QA could take ownership of deployment.
Worked with team to develop per-machine WiX desktop installer, expand CI installer test automation to test auto-updates end-to-end using virtual machines in the cloud.

GrabCAD Shop: A green-field SaaS product for work order and resource management in "Modal Shops" using additive and traditional manufacturing technologies. Features: CAD model previews, order configuration & price quoting based on material usage and machine-time estimates, granular user-roles, printer & material management, order & job scheduling & process tracking, rich per-Shop configuration options, internationalization across 10 languages and 100+ currencies.

In close collaboration with Product, our evolving teams negotiated scope, architected a new technology stack, delivered a featureful MVP on schedule, and responded to customer feedback to deliver new features and optimizations.

GrabCAD Admin Console: A pillar of the nascent GrabCAD AM Platform. Architected to centralize JWT-based authentication, licensing, user & printer group administration & ACL, with an eye towards SAML/SSO.

Architecture, database design, UI/UX, tooling, and automation.


TraceView is a best-of-breed full-stack Application Performance Management (APM) SaaS Application. As a member of TraceView's Web App team, I collaborated with Product Managers, Designers, and distributed Developer teams to design, develop, and deliver new features and visualizations, including the AppMap network topology graph and the Trace Details request timeline. We also fixed copious bugs, eradicated technical debt, refactored pages & components, and introduced modern Javascript frameworks, libraries, and tooling.

TraceView was acquired by SolarWinds and rebranded as AppOptics. Based on the latest marketing videos showing the UI, I am immensely proud that my experimental, self-initiated Trace Details visualizer remains a stragetic asset.

Akamai Technologies

Management, Design, and Development roles on client-facing data-visualization dashboards, internal sales tools, and Network Operations Command Center (NOCC) visualizers. Met aggressive deadlines while maintaining high quality and cultivating best practices teamwide.

Coordinated between internal developers and outside contractors. Architected a scalable and feature-rich customer dashboard with cartographical / historical analytics for 3 product lines with 8 diverse metrics across 300+ regions. Collaborated closely with backend developers on database design & optimization.

RED Interactive Agency

Concept, Creative, Design, and Development roles on 50+ diverse Flash, HTML, and Javascript projects, including websites, social & mobile apps, and rich-media ad campaigns. Clients included Fortune 500 companies and major motion picture and television studios.

Six Red Marbles

AS2, AS3, Flex, XHTML, CSS and Server Side Scripting
Design (Web, Print, Motion, Sound), Illustration, Animation, Character & Concept Development
30+ with aggressive schedules, multi-national development teams, and budgets ranging from $50K - $1M.
Branding, Marketing, Research, Sales, Videography

The Learning Community Group

Branding, Web Design & Development, Webmastery, Videography, and 3D animation
Program Coordinator, Curriculum Design, and Implementation at The Boston Museum of Science’s Technology Learning Center. Summer 2004: 29 technology and media courses (54 sections) for 2nd through 9th graders.
Client Management, Technology Research & Testing, Marketing

The Community Art Center

Media Teacher, Computer Lab Administrator, and Frisbee coach

Wunderkind Studios

HTML and Flash Design, Development, Photography, Client Management

BBT Productions

Cameraman (Canon XL1), Crab Dolly Operator

University of New Hampshire, Video Department

Internship: Video Production, Avid Editing

Ligature Design & Imaging

Apprenticeship: Graphic & Print Design


Software Engineering, Web Design & Development, Data Visualization, Scrum, TDD, Branding, UI/UX, SEO, Analytics, 2D & 3D animation, Photography, Video Production, Editing & Compositing, Graphic Design, Sound Design, Curriculum Design, and Teaching.

Fluent in HTML5, CSS3, LESS, SASS, Javascript, TypeScript, Node, React, Vue, D3, THREE.js, <canvas>, SVG, WebGL, GLSL, PostgreSQL, TypeORM, GraphQL, Apollo, AWS, Git, GitHub, Jira

Dangerous in Python, C++, C#

Proficient in Rhino, OnShape, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects


2011 Shorty Industry Award for Best Use of Twitter in a Marketing Campaign

Awarded to HBO’s True Blood @, by RED Interactive Agency

FWA Site of the day - 11/9/2010, Creativity International Award

Awarded to Thrill of the Catch @, by RED Interactive Agency

Internet Advertising Competition 2009 - Best Computer: Hardware Rich Media Online Ad

Awarded to NVIDIA Speak Visual Online Ad Campaign, by RED Interactive Agency

2007 MITX Award in Education and Learning

Awarded to, by Six Red Marbles for Merriam-Webster, Inc.


SCUL (chopper bicycle gang ›, kinetic & electronic scultpure, LEDs, Arduino, procedural 3d printed lamps, woodworking, home improvement, hiking, mycology, gardening, collecting spheres.